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The scratch off game format is one your employees already understand Employees can win two ways:

1. Match three symbols for common workplace hazards and become an instant winner. Up to three levels of winners are possible.
2. Collect all six letters in the word safety and participate in a second chance drawing.

Employees are encouraged to trade cards in an effort to obtain all six letters in the word SAFETY for the second chance drawing. The trading of cards is an important part of the program as it creates excitement and heightens safety awareness.

The Game:

Like Safety Bingo, the “ Safety STAR ” program is based on providing rewards to teams of employees who work without an accident or injury.

The game starts by handing out Safety Star game cards to all employees at a kick off meeting to explain the prize schedule and game rules. Every two weeks employees are given a Safety Star game card to recognize the group’s completing a two week period without an accident or injury.

Employees scratch off the silver boxes and match workplace hazard symbols to win cash. You can see that there is a real incentive for keeping the injury record unbroken. This simple format provides a powerful incentive that is extremely effective and easy to administer.

The type of injury that would re-start the game depends on your injury history. Most companies use the OSHA defined lost time or recordable injury to end the game.

One of the additional advantages of lottery style game cards is the ability to reward individual employees or employee groups for demonstrating positive safety behavior. Additional game cards can be given at any time during the program for exceptional safety performance such as: resolving an unsafe condition, superior housekeeping or making an outstanding safety suggestion. Some employers choose to award Safety Star game cards for accomplishments in the other performance areas like, customer service and quality improvements.

Steps before ordering:
Determine the number of participants
Establish budget
Decide how many games will be played
Set up prize structure:
. Determine how many winners per game
. Select 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes per budget allowance
Example of a six month program

100 employees X 12 games (one game every two weeks) = 1200 total cards

Card Breakdown:

1st Place winning cards: 12
2nd Place winning cards: 36
3rd Place winning cards: 72
Losing cards: 1080

Total Card Expense = $218.75

Prize Expense:

12 – 1st place winners @ $50 each = $600
36 – 2nd place winners @ $20 each = $720
72 – 3rd place winners @ $10 each = $720

Total Prizes = $2040

Total program expense = Cards $219 + Prizes $2040 = $2259

The cards come individually packaged as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and losing cards.

You shuffle and distribute the cards based on your game rules and prize budget.

Safety Star
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