Custom Dry Erase Posters

Customize Your Dry Erase Poster with Your Own Text and Artwork

Our Custom Dry Erase Posters, perfect for workplace goal tracking and safety programs, are built to last with over 5 years of daily marking and erasing! The marking surface on our custom posters feature a 5 mil. coated polyester lamination – the “Gold Standard” for dry erase applications. We then print your personalized text and graphics on a 32lb high quality bond paper, ensuring your workplace messages, guidelines, or injury trackers stand out.

The back of our dry erase poster is reinforced with 5 mil. gloss lamination making the total thickness of our posters a substantial 11mil. Don’t be fooled by our competition who use simple gloss lamination, which will not wipe off cleanly! Trust our Custom Dry Erase Posters for lasting visibility and durability. View our range of poster sizes and pricing options below!


Custom Dry Erase Poster Sizes & Pricing

24" x 36"


36" x 36"


36" x 48"


42" x 48"


42" x 60"


42" x 72"


Custom Dry Erase Poster Examples

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We create large format custom dry erase posters for all your organizational and display needs using our inexpensive, state-of-the-art Track & Wipe, dry erase technology.


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    About Safety Star Custom Dry Erase Posters

    Use our dry erase posters in offices, hallways, lunchrooms or anyplace you want to communicate. Dry Erase Posters are an interactive and eye-catching way to bring attention to your company goals and company procedures as well as help you track general company metrics. Our custom color dry erase posters let you communicate in a highly visible yet cost effective manner.

    We have a professional graphic design department to help with everything from setting up your project to complete layout and design. Arrange your information in any format or relationship. We will work with you to get the desired graphic look and then e-mail a full color proof for your approval.

    Send us your ready made files. We accept the following formats:

    Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point
    Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign
    Large, high resolution jpg, tiff or eps files


    Dry Erase Poster Framing Options

    GOOD: For small dry erase posters 24′ by 36′ or less we recommend the 3M Poster Strips. Placed on the four corners of each poster the poster is firmly secured to the wall or other flat surface. If you wish to move the poster the 3M Poster strips can be easily removed without damage to the wall or other surface.

    BETTER: Our polycarbonate poster rails are an economical alternative to framing our dry erase posters. Each rail gripper clips to just the top and bottom of your poster giving it a minimal appearance. Available in a number of popular sizes. They mount easily on a wall or other flat surface. All that is needed is a couple of screws. The plastic eyelets on the top rail are adjustable and can slide from side to side. Our poster rails come with both a top and bottom extrusion. The top portion has the plastic eyelets, while the bottom section acts as a weight to keep the displayed poster taut.

    BEST: Finally we have a very nice “flip frame” the can be used to wall mount our dry erase posters. These frames are very nice quality and come in both a silver or black color. We know from experience that our customers who use dry erase posters on a regular basis occasionally need to update the poster with new organizational metrics and messages. These “flip frames” make changing the dry erase surface really easy as all that is needed is to flip up the edges of the metal frame and place the new poster. The entire process takes about 2 minutes.


    Staying organized in the workplace has its challenges, especially for companies with a lot of employees in a fast-paced environment. This can be particularly true in fields where time behind a monitor is at a minimum, rendering emails and other forms of electronic communication, like instant messages, worthless. If you want a fun, functional way to keep your team, students, customers, or competitors on the ball, a dry erase poster provides a perfect opportunity to communicate with the world around you.

    What Is a Dry Erase Poster?

    Even in today’s a high-tech society, not everything needs to be complex, convoluted, or electronic. When you need to communicate in a manageable, effective manner, dry erase posters offer ideal solutions.

    Unlike a traditional dry erase board that’s heavy, awkward, and hard to move, a dry erase poster is fast and flexible, providing a convenient surface for notes, details, and updates on the go. Laminated and lightweight, these posters can hang anywhere within your facility without standing in the way. Available in eight sizes perfect for any setting, this convenient tool allows you to post any information, anytime, for your whole team to see.

    Our dry erase posters are created from five mil. coated polyester lamination – the “gold standard” in dry erase posters – for unparalleled ease of use. The back of each poster is then crafted from five mil. gloss lamination, providing a high quality, rigid product over 10 mil. thick.

    Thin enough to hang easily and thick enough to last for years on end, this innovative design provides a durable construction just right for virtually any workplace. Whether you need to post safety warnings, provide updates on a contest’s progress, track a fundraiser, or post schedules, a customized dry erase poster from Safety Star is a long-term investment in your company’s future – without breaking the bank!

    With every custom order, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call 1-800-850-3282 today to learn more!

    Make a Statement in Any Application

    In business, things change all the time, from schedules to safety rules. Sometimes, a simple email isn’t enough; you need to post your updates, notices, and alerts in a place that’s easy to read and hard to miss. With a dry erase poster, now you can. With endless opportunities in virtually every corporate setting, your customized poster can make sure your team is always up to date.

    Plants and Warehouses

    From quotas to safety instructions, a lot of information goes into properly operating a plant or warehouse. When you want to keep your team informed about current expectations, safety developments, and warnings, a dry erase poster is the perfect way to ensure all important data is posted and visible. Put your poster on the floor or in the break room to truly make an impact for your team members.

    Medical Facilities

    Rotations and schedules are a big part of working in a hospital or clinic, and things can change on a dime. With dry erase poster boards, it’s easy to make changes and adjustments as new cases and patients come in. Simply use standard dry erase markers to write the names of doctors, patients, surgical procedures, medications, and more for all to see. With safety as a top priority, the messages sent on your poster boards can make all the difference.


    In a classroom, there’s a lot to keep organized. Luckily, a dry erase poster can help. From lesson plans to student behavior charts, it’s easy to keep your classroom running smoothly and on track, boasting a creative way to provide information to your students and fellow teachers. Hang your posters in the classroom or the teacher’s lounge: no matter what you have in mind, your custom design can help you make a bold statement anywhere in the school.

    Sports Facilities

    From scores to line-ups, sports organizations have plenty of rapidly-changing details a dry erase poster can help you control. Whether you choose to hang one near every court, pitch, or diamond to use as a scoreboard or prefer to have schedules hanging on the walls of your indoor facility, you can stay on top of your team with customized posters.


    Every day in a restaurant is a new day to impress, but organization is key to a successful service. A flexible dry erase poster can be a great way to make sure your fast-paced kitchen runs likely a well-oiled machine, giving you the freedom to post everything from rotations at the host stand to table sections for your servers to follow.

    Office Space

    No matter how traditional your white collar office may be, there’s always a use for a dry erase poster. Your posters can be used to organize cleaning schedules, post corporate updates, communicate upcoming events and activities, or simply leave notes about the state of the business. With unlimited personalization features, our team can help you find your perfect fit.

    With the ability to customize a dry erase poster board that’s right for your business or organization, there’s no shortage to what Safety Star can do for you. From a self-designed pattern to corporate logos and images, we’ll help you create a beautiful, functional appearance that will look great for years to come.

    Fun for Any Function

    An improper approach to organization has the potential to severely limit your business, creating a logistical nightmare that can put your employees at a great disadvantage. Luckily, dry erase posters can serve virtually any function, helping you to communicate important information, assemble custom schedules, motivate your team members to stay on track, and so much more.

    Progress Reports

    Dry erase posters are wonderful for progress reports, helping you to provide up-to-the-minute information on virtually any topic. Instead of sending out emails every few hours or making announcements over the loudspeaker to your team, you can update a dry erase board on your own schedule, making changes in real time as things shift in the workplace. From a blank canvas to progress bars and other custom designs, your posters can serve any purpose you desire.

    Safety Information

    In many applications, safety is incredibly important. This is particularly true in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other areas where not adhereing to safety restrictions can put lives at risk. When you want to keep your team focused on following proper protocols at all time, your dry erase poster board can keep employees on track. From uniform and equipment requirements to checklists for premises guidelines, your poster can provide everything your team needs to know.


    Maps are a vital element in every atmosphere, from classrooms to campuses. Whether you need a large-scale dry erase map for your lesson plan or want to maintain changeable facility maps for your team, there’s a right fit for every location. We can help with fire safety maps, table maps in restaurants, country and world maps, and even scale maps of local landmarks and areas of note in your town. If you can picture it, we can print it!

    Fundraising Information

    Fundraising is a key function for many organizations, including schools, churches, non-profit charities, and corporations. When you’re looking for a good way to keep focused on your goals, a customized fundraising tracker can be all it takes to point your team in the right direction. From a leaderboard chart to a classic thermometer-style poster, there’s no wrong way to inspire your team to raise money for a cause that counts.

    Competition Tracking

    Many workplaces grow and thrive through the power of a compelling contest. If your business is one of them, a dry erase poster can help you imbue your team with the spirit of competition. Providing a great way to organize everything from sales quotas to commission incentives, the right dry erase scoreboard can ensure everyone on your team is committed to achieving goals, setting records, and performing their very best.


    From patient coverage to serving rotations, countless fields rely on scheduling to confirm coverage for every shift. Your dry erase poster is a fun yet flexible way to ensure all team members know what to expect, communicating everything from sidework and sections for wait staff to surgery schedules in the operating room. Your customized dry erase poster can match your every specification, allowing you to quickly craft a brand new schedule at the start of each day.

    Scoreboards and Sports Tools

    Whether you own an indoor sports arena or manage kiddie soccer or baseball fields, a scoreboard is a must-have. With a dry erase poster, a scoreboard is always at your fingertips, providing a fast and professional way to keep everyone up to date on the outcome of a game. Additionally, sports-themed dry erase posters can do so much more for your team, giving you the freedom to sketch plays, assign positions, and craft strategies in one convenient location.

    With so many uses at an affordable price, there’s no shortage to what your dry erase poster has to offer. Get in touch today to design your ideal poster for business, play, or both.

    Custom Products From Safety Star

    No matter your field or your function, Safety Star can provide the perfect dry erase poster for you.

    We believe in quality, speed, and affordability, offering an ideal balance for any facet of your company. Our team knows that no two businesses are the same, which is why we make customizing the right poster fast and simple.

    When you’re ready to order, we’re ready to listen. Simply choose the pattern or design you want on your board and provide it to us in the method of your choice, with compatibility including Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign files, as well as large, high resolution .jpg, .tiff or .eps formats. We’ll print your image using a 32 lb high-quality bond paper, guaranteeing a lasting presentation that won’t fade, scratch, or scuff. With a high-tech approach to manufacturing, we best the competition with every product, providing a surface that wipes clean every time.

    Framing Options

    There’s no need to frame your poster, but if you want a crisper, cleaner look that makes hanging a snap, our framing choices can offer the extra stability and support you deserve.

    3M Poster Strips

    Small and unobtrusive yet incredibly sticky strips that hang on the back of a poster, 3M poster strips are a great choice for posters sized 24″ by 36″ or less. Simply place each strip along the back of the poster and press firmly to adhere. Ready to relocate? 3M strips can be removed easily without damaging the surface of your walls.

    Polycarbonate Poster Rails

    Offering a more durable solution than poster strips, these innovative attachments provide rail grips that clip to the top and bottom of your poster for a minimalistic option. A more economical alternative to a full flip frame, each set comes in a number of popular sizes to make hanging a breeze. The top rail utilizes plastic eyelets while the bottom incorporates a weight to keep posters taut.

    Flip Frames

    The best option for frame hanging, our flip frames can mount and protect any poster with ease. Simply flip up the top to replace your existing poster with a new model in a process that takes two minutes or less. For your convenience, flip frames create a professional appearance in both silver and black.

    Place Your Order Today!

    No matter your company or your mission, our products are perfect for your every need. With fully customizable printing to ensure a solution that’s right for you, we can bring even the most complex concepts to life. Choose your preferred size, framing option, design, and more to find the best possible fit, and watch us exceed your every expectation. Many of our customers have had their dry erase posters in use for five years of more, guaranteeing quality and commitment with every single order.

    When you’re seeking amazing quality at a competitive price, Safety Star has everything you need to put your organization on top. With a full inventory of business and safety tools, we can keep your team focused on what matters most: safe, effective results. Are you ready to see why we stand head and shoulders above the rest? Call now at 1-800-850-3282 to learn more!

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